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MyPowerCart - Distribution Series
For iPad & Android Tablets 
iPAD充電車, 平板充電車
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MyPowerCart - Distribution Series is a brand-new innovation in the charging cart industry. Portable charging baskets can be taken out and put in the MyPowerCart to facilitate distribution of iPad and tablets.




MyPowerCart - Distribution Series(派機系列充電車)是本公司的最新產品,其特點有

1. 趟門設計
Distribution Series採用趟門設計,方便用家放入和取出平板電腦。

2. 手提籃設計
Distribution Series內有4個手提籃,每個籃可放8部平板電腦,方便派機。用家不必將整部充電車推到指定位置,而是將手提籃拿出。由其適合沒有電梯的地方。

1. Sliding Door Design
A sliding door design facilitates users to put in and take out tablets.

2. Basket Design
There are 4 hand baskets in the Distribution Series. Each basket can hold 8 tablets, which is convenient for dispatching. The user does not need to push the entire charging car to the designated position which is suitable for places without an elevator.

MyPowerCart-Distribution Series

MyPowerCart - Distribution (English)

MyPowerCart - Distribution Series (中文)

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