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Netcare MyPowerCart - BYOD iPad Charging Cart

iPad, Android Tablets & Laptops BYOD Charging Cart
iPAD充電車, 平板充電車, 手提電腦充電車


MyPowerCart - BYOD Series是一部湛新的平板充電車,以下是它的六大特色:
1. 拍卡開鎖

2. 方便管理

3. 備用電源

4. 前置LED提示燈
BYOD 前門採用玻璃門設計,加上前置的顯示燈,清晰顯示以及檢查平板電腦的充電情況。

5. 先進保安系統

6. 整合現有員工證開鎖

1. RFID Card and Password Unlocking
RFID card unlocking is the biggest feature of MPC-BYOD. Unlike the traditional charging cart, which can only be opened with a key, users can unlock it simply with a RFID card. One card can manage multiple power charging carts without having to bring multiple keys. Additionally, in case the users forget to bring or lost the card, there is another option to open the cart which is by keypad password.

2. Easy to Manage
The RFID card links with the central management software, which can increase or decrease the number of users with a very simple step.

3. Backup Power
In case there is no power outlet nearby, full charging MPC_BYOD can be operated without electricity for a month which facilitates transportation of tablets. The cart can be placed without limitation. 

4. Front LED Light
A glass door design pluses a front display lamp clearly display and allow users to check the charging status of tablets.

5. Advanced Security System
MPC-BYOD is connected to a central management software, which constantly tracks the unlocking records of users and further increases security level. 

6. Integrate Existing Staff Cards
All RFID-enabled staff cards can gain access right after registering with the central management software. Users do not need to bring another card to unlock the cart.

MyPowerCart - BYOD Series (English)

MyPowerCart - BYOD Series (中文)

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