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Netcare MyPowerCart - Cabinet High Power Series

iPad, Android Tablets & Laptops Charging Cabinet
iPAD充電櫃, 平板充電櫃, 手提電腦充電櫃


MyPowerCart's iPAD charging cabinet charges multiple Tablets fast (up to USB-C 65W),
and keeps them organized and secure, streamlining the process and saving time. Ideal for enhancing iPad deployment.


座枱充電櫃(charging cabinet)適合為10~20部的平板或筆記本電腦充電,現時比較流行的接口有USB-A及USB-C。而高功率的USB-C充電櫃更可達65W,還配備電子鎖,不需鎖匙開鎖,十分方便,大家可因應充電速度和應用方面選擇它們。


1. USB-A: USB-A (e.g. MPC-C12GA) 是目前最常見的USB接口之一,它通常用於連接和充電各種設備,如手機、平板電腦、鍵盤、滑鼠等。USB-A充電櫃通常支援的輸出功率為10W,這意味著它提供的充電速度相對較慢。對於需要快速充電的設備來說,可能需要更長的時間才能充滿電。然而,USB-A充電櫃的優點是價格相對較便宜,且兼容性廣泛,可以與大多數USB設備配合使用。 


2. USB-C: USB-C (e.g., MPC-C10C, MPC-C20C) 是一種新型的USB接口,可提供更高的充電功率。USB-C充電櫃支援的輸出功率通常在18W起,這意味著它可以為各種設備提供快速充電,包括手機和平板電腦。USB-C還支援快速充電協議 USB Power Delivery(USB-PD),以實現快速充電,節省用戶的時間。 


當中高功率USB-C型號 (e.g., MPC-C10C-30W, MPC-C10C-65W, MPC-C10C65-E)是支援更高功率及充電協議的USB-C充電櫃。它支援手機、平板電腦和USB-C充電的筆記本電腦。 它的輸出視乎型號充電功率可以高達65W,它更支援PPS (Programmable Power Supply) 充電協議,這同時支援USB Power Delivery(USB-PD)及Quick Charge(QC) 兩大主流協議以兼顧不同系統。使輸出電壓有更寬的調節範圍,根據充電設備的狀態調整輸出電壓及電流。該技術同時能降低充電過程中的轉換損耗,提高充電效率。此外,PPS充電也能管控充電溫度,降低充電裝置在充電時的發熱程度,延長電池壽命。 MPC-C10C65-E還配備電子鎖,不需鎖匙開鎖,十分方便。



A charging cabinet is suitable for charging 10 to 20 tablets or laptops. The currently popular interfaces are USB-A and USB-C. High-power USB-C charging cabinets can reach up to 65W, and their charging speed and applications vary depending on the choice.

1. USB-A: USB-A (e.g., MPC-C12GA) is one of the most common USB interfaces at present. It is usually used to connect and charge various devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, keyboards, mice, etc. The output power supported by the USB-A charging cabinet is usually 10W, which means that the charging speed it provides is relatively slow. For devices that need fast charging, it may take longer to fully charge. However, the advantage of the USB-A charging cabinet is that it is relatively cheap and widely compatible, and can be used with most USB devices.

2. USB-C: USB-C (e.g., MPC-C10C, MPC-C20C) is a new type of USB interface that can provide higher charging power. The output power supported by the USB-C charging cabinet usually starts at 18W, which means it can provide fast charging for various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. USB-C also supports the fast charging protocol USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) to achieve fast charging and save user time.

The high-power USB-C model (e.g., MPC-C10C-30W, MPC-C10C-45W, MPC-C10C-65W) is a USB-C charging cabinet that supports higher power and charging protocols. It supports mobile phones, tablets, and USB-C charging laptops. Its output charging power can be as high as 65W depending on the model, and it also supports the PPS (Programmable Power Supply) charging protocol, which supports both USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) and Quick Charge (QC) mainstream protocols to cater to different systems. This allows the output voltage to have a wider adjustment range and adjust the output voltage and current according to the status of the charging device. This technology can also reduce conversion losses during charging and improve charging efficiency. In addition, PPS charging can also control the charging temperature, reduce the heating degree of the charging device during charging, and extend the battery life.

In summary, charging cabinets have USB-A, USB-C, and high-power USB-C models, and they differ in USB charging interfaces, speed, and applications. The USB-A charging cabinet is relatively cheap, but the charging speed is slower; the USB-C charging cabinet supports higher power output, provides faster charging speed and will automatically adjust, providing fast charging for various high-power devices. When choosing a charging cabinet, you can choose the most suitable type based on your needs and budget.

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USB-A & USB-C Charging Cabinets (English)

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